Jul 19

Green credentials

A key element of our thinking in setting up the co-op is to keep the environment and sustainability to the forefront in what we are doing.

So what have we already done?

The first hive we bought came from Maisemore’s, an established beekeeping supplier.


Colonies 1 & 2 on the stand made from recycled wood

Having constructed the flat-pack we had a much better idea of how to take the drawings we had for a national hive and make one ourselves. A phone call from Ade to say we could pick up our two nucleus boxes led to frantic construction of our second hive from the materials to hand. So the materials list included off-cuts from some oak planking; a broken fence panel, galvenised nails that had lived in a jam jar for 10 years, a panel of a kitchen cabinet and some black waterproof membrane left by the builders. So nothing new!

The hive stand was made from the old boundary fence. Even the nails were reused! cardboard packaging was stripped of plastic tape and used to fuel our smoker.

As we contended with the demands of the swarms to be housed we found a source of bee hives using locally resourced cedar and recycled aluminium sheeting to make hive rooves.

The next step is to find a source of local cedar and make hives from the planks. Anyone know a good supplier?