Jul 22

Parliament & Welsh Assembly

Gower MP Martin Caton has been busy in London sponsoring or signing various Early Day Motions concerning the health and welfare of bees. In March 2011 he sponsored the following motion – only 10 other MPs have signed which is disappointing.


EDM 1684  “That this House welcomes the decision of Professor Robert Watson, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to initiatea review of all the scientific research relating to bee and other pollinator decline and the use of neonicotinoidpesticides; believes the evidence that this group of insecticides debilitates a range of invertebrates to the extent that they are susceptible to lethal infections is convincing; recognises that, as neonicotinoids are systemic pesticides that are carried throughout plants to which they are applied, including pollen and nectar, they pose a particular threat to pollinating insects; urges the Governments therefore, to withdraw all licences for neonicotinoid pesticide use on plants producing nectar and pollen pending the conclusion of Professor Watson’s review.”