Sep 14

Autumn is here

Lis and I went to the regular meeting of the Swansea & District Beekeeping Society last night at the Con Club, Gowerton. Satnav was useless. Usual suspects there and was able to get some good advice on what we need to do before closing down the hives for winter.
This morning Stef and I togged up to complete the uniting of the last swarm and hive #5. Queen removed from top chamber and frames that the bees had started to draw out were moved to replace empty frames. Apiguard put in all hives. None of them appear to have enough stores for the winter so will have to feed for the rest of September.

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  1. Graham Smith

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I’m photographing a project for Gower Landscape Partnership, documenting Gower in as much detail as possible from the landscapes to the people to farming and food.
    I wanted to have a chat about Bee Keeping on Gower and more importantly would I be able to photograph yourself or other members in action at Gower locations.
    Also what the process is afterwards.

    The images will go into a Photo library for the Gower Landscape Partnership programme and used to document anything Gower has to offer in editorial or online media articles.

    Would this be something you can help me with?
    Many Thanks for your time.

    Graham Smith
    07976 658572
    All About The Image
    Professional Image Productions

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