Apr 25


April has been a busy month as we have started to clear the old field shed ready for it to be refurbished for honey extraction. Stef has been hauling stuff about from one place to another and we can now see what we have got – a stainless steel worktop, hand basin, sink, steel racking and a steel cupboard. Members have now seen the plans and are mulling over the estimates of the cost.

Meanwhile we have not been neglecting the bees. Four out of the five hives appear to have survived the winter months in a healthy state but the fifth suffered a frightening number of deaths – the dead bees covered the floor and we were surprised any remained alive in the brood chamber including the Queen. So a quick application of sugar syrup seems to have done the trick.

On sunny spells the bees have been very active and I have watched them in the garden on dandelions, fruit trees, blackthorn and anything else with a flower.