Oct 29

Save our bees petition


On Monday 22nd October some of the campaigning group 38 Degrees  delivered their ‘Save Our Bees’ petition to Owen Paterson the Environment Secretary at the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Over 75,000 38 Degrees members  signed the petition demanding the government protect our bees.

38 Degrees said “Our bees are in danger, three species of bees are already extinct and others are in rapid decline. Strong evidence points to particular pesticides being to blame for killing them and DEFRA had been running a consultation into the use of these pesticides.  France and several other European countries have already started banning these pesticides, but the UK government is yet to be convinced.”

The petition called on the government to immediately halt the use of the nerve-agent pesticides, which are being blamed across the world for the sharp decline in bee numbers.

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