Oct 03

CO-OP sells its first honey

Honey ready for sale

Honey ready for sale

This year we have enough honey to start selling jars outside of family and friends!

We will be at the St.Madoc’s APPLE DAY on Sunday 13th October from 2pm to 5pm. The St.Madoc’s Centre is in Llanmadoc, Gower. SeeĀ http://www.stmadoc.co.uk/

The cooperative is now well on its way to complete its own honey room for the professional extraction and bottling of honey. Members can use the heated decapping tray to prepare the frames for insertion in the extraction machine. Any cappings will flow down the heated panel and after being filtered can be collected.

The extraction machine has proven its effectiveness- though if the frames are not in balance, it has an unnerving habit of wandering across the room. Stef had to put his full weight on it to stabilize it. Finally the honey ripener is a real boon as the honey can be left to settle and then using the tap at the base pour the honey direct into jars.

All the equipment is food quality stainless steel and very easy to clean.


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  1. Doc

    Apple Day was great despite the wet weather. We had a great deal of interest on the beekeeping stand and even sold some honey and beeswax polish.

    Only one person got all the questions right in the Bee Expert Quiz but then many got 9/10 and a bee sticker to wear.
    We also had some honey laden cappings for people to taste. “A bit chewy” was the overall response.

    Pat turned up at the end and it was good to have a chat about the woes of beekeeping on Gower.

  2. Julie cole

    If you are interested we would like to have some bee hives in are garden as my grandfather was a bee keeper in return we would like some honey for keep them in are garden one jar a month . Yours sincerely Julie cole

    1. Doc


      I have circulated your offer to members of the coop.


  3. Charlotte Medwell

    Dear Gower Honey Coop,

    We would be very interested in selling your honey in our store. Would you be able to call us on 01792 654053 so we can chat about this possibility?

    Many Thanks,

    Charlotte Medwell
    Health and Herbs

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