Sep 07

2016 Bad year for bees – again

At times I was quite hopeful that the bees would do well but the omens were bad from the start. Having split two hives at St.Madocs the new Queens failed to mate properly and we are back to three hives. On the bright side two empty hives at home were colonised and I placed one colony in a newly made deep nucleus and the bees were thriving in the orchard until I took them down to their permanent quarters at St.Madocs where they will overwinter in the nuc.

The other hive is at the top of the garden in Landimore but as the hive had not been filled with frames allowing the bees to build wild comb.On the basis that they were getting on with it, I left them to it and have the winter to work out what to do with the resulting mess.img_0584

All was not all doom and gloom as we received a Highly Commended certificate for the first honey we have entered into the Commercial class and also won second place for novice honey and wax blocks. Lis won second place for her honey fruit cake and I benefitted from having to taste it in her trial run and then the winning cake.