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Joining the cooperative

The purpose of the cooperative is to provide a foundation for the development of sustainable small-scale honey production in the Gower AONB.

Membership is open to Beekeepers on Gower and people sympathetic to our aims eg farmers, smallholders, cabinet makers, other craftsmen or small catering businesses who wush to join,

All members have an equal voice in the running of the organisation. The cooperative is run by a governing body chosen by its members.

Members benefit by collaborating with other members to secure good deals for their produce and in purchase of supplies. The cooperative has equipment to extract honey and loans hives to people wishing to start beekeeping.

Membership is free. Just click on Becoming a Member and fill in your details.


  1. Irene Triffitt


    I am interested to your group and if I can join you to see how is the bee keeping here in Gower. We just moved in here few early April 2014 and we have about an acre of land.
    I have a little knowledge of bee keeping from the Philippines as I have 5 hives to pollinate the vegetables and fruits trees in the farm.
    We will have many raised bed for vegetables soon (we are making them now) and its nice that there are some people who take care of bees around here. I often see bees in our garden.

    Kind regards,

  2. Doc

    Welcome to beekeeping in Wales. Happy to talk about what we do. Send me an email to david@gowerhoney.co.uk

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