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The beautiful food

Sep 07

2016 Bad year for bees – again


At times I was quite hopeful that the bees would do well but the omens were bad from the start. Having split two hives at St.Madocs the new Queens failed to mate properly and we are back to three hives. On the bright side two empty hives at home were colonised and I placed one …

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Nov 10

WINDY WEATHER BLOWS HONEY HARVEST ‘Wrong weather’ and ‘queen issues’ affect this year’s honey crop

  Britain’s beekeepers have reported an average yield of 21lbs of honey per colony this year, a substantial 34 per cent drop on last year’s 32lbs per colony. These findings are reported  in the British Beekeepers Association’s Annual Honey Survey. The survey was commissioned by Burt’s Bees, sponsor of the BBKA’s ‘Adopt a Beehive’ scheme …

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Oct 03

CO-OP sells its first honey

Honey ready for sale

This year we have enough honey to start selling jars outside of family and friends! We will be at the St.Madoc’s APPLE DAY on Sunday 13th October from 2pm to 5pm. The St.Madoc’s Centre is in Llanmadoc, Gower. See The cooperative is now well on its way to complete its own honey room for the …

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Jun 26

First honey 2012

Eat me -put me on your toast.

With the Longest Day behind us we could not resist taking out a frame of honey to see what our bees had been up to. It was hardly worthwhile commissioning the new honey extractor so after uncapping we let the honey deliciously slowly emerge from the comb into a dish. Not much had emerged overnight …

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