Links to beekeeping sites

There are many websites with advice for bee keepers. These are the most useful ones we have found.

Beebase  This is a government run website full of information and adcice.

BBKA The British Beekeepers Association.

Beeginners A site full of information for beginners

Bee Health DEFRA’s website

Beekeeping David Cushman’s site

Beesource Online community for beekeepers

Pollen chart Bristol Beekeepers – click on flower symbol for pollen chart

Welsh Beekeepers Association


Bees under threat

  We are particularly concerned to play our part in halting the decline of honey bee populations on Gower and in raising the number of Gower people keeping bees.  Bees play a vital role in the food chain – it is estimated that one  third of human food supplies depend on pollination by bees. We can …

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