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(Sunday, Mar 8. 2015 09:22 PM)
Hi, my wife has just bought me an ‘Omlet’ super etc. (I have previous limited experience of beekeeping in Gilwern) I live in Abergavenny now but we spend most of the Spring/Summer/Autumn at Hillend on Gower (we have a lodge and live amongst the dunes where there are numerous spring/summer flowers). I would rather keep my bees on Gower rather than Aber. What would you advise? Many thanks Mike
Anest Wales
(Tuesday, Aug 28. 2012 07:58 PM)
Hi, please could you let me know where we can buy your honey. I’ve previously bought it in the Our Shop in Llanmadoc but they didn’t have any today. Thanks
Answer: Hi there! We have been building the number of apiaries in the area and focussing on colony growth for this year and as such have not got any left for sale. We will be providing honey again next season. Thank you for your support!
Patti Mckenna
(Thursday, Apr 26. 2012 11:18 PM)
Hi I’m emailing on behalf of Vetch Veg – a new (ish) allotment initiative of which I’m a member. We have just got some funding in order to learn how to look after bees (we have permission to keep hives on the allotment) but frustratingly all of the courses we could do are either over or underway already….Would you consider doing some training for us at Vetch Veg? Please reply a.s.a.p. as our funding is time limited Cheers, Patti
Answer: All the local courses are complete so I’m afraid that its a long wait but we’d be happy to see you at our apiary or go along to the Gower show in August and see the Swansea & District Beekeepers Association’s bee tent. You can tog up in a bee suit and witness a hive with bees being opened by an experienced beekeeper.
(Wednesday, Sep 14. 2011 10:25 AM)
Can you please instruct on how to build a natural bee hive?
I want to make a hive that is extremely bee friendly.
Answer: There’s a ton of advice on the internet. Start with the Natural Beekeeping Forum http://www.biobees.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=51013 or the Barefoot beekeeper at http://www.biobees.com/



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